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#1 Pot Impedance

Posted: Wed Mar 13, 2024 2:12 pm
by Cressy Snr
Just a quick question:
I have a high quality, Khozmo shunt stepped attenuator, that cost three figures when I bought it for use in a balanced passive preamp. I'd like to use it with the valve amp rebuild but it is only 10K. Is there any reason not to use it in front of the 6SL7 input stage of the valve amp? Is the traditional 100K pot there for a reason?

#2 Re: Pot Impedance

Posted: Wed Mar 13, 2024 2:44 pm
by Nick
No, the only reason for 100k is if its driven by other valve kit, that source may have a high output impedance so 100k would work better. No reason why 10k won't be just fine assuming your sources is happy with that.

#3 Re: Pot Impedance

Posted: Wed Mar 13, 2024 2:58 pm
by Cressy Snr
Thanks Nick.

#4 Re: Pot Impedance

Posted: Fri Mar 15, 2024 8:12 pm
by Mike H
I concur with Nick.

I even use 100k pots on transistor amp front-ends (with large value bias resistors for the first stage) just in case the source clutches its pearl necklace and faints if presented with anything much lower