Burt Bacharach

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Cressy Snr
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#1 Burt Bacharach

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Legendary songwriter Burt Bacharach has passed away aged 94.

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andrew Ivimey
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#2 Re: Burt Bacharach

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As the radio has been on all day I've heard quite a few of BB's songs and I confess I sang along with them. Wonderful stuff. Such talent.
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Mike H
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#3 Re: Burt Bacharach

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Wow. :shock:
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Daniel Quinn
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#4 Re: Burt Bacharach

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At 94 he lived a long and professionally good life ( I am not aware of his personal life )

If you die at such and age , me thinks the sentiment should be a celebration of the life you lived. We all have to die , 94 should be a time of celebration .
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