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IslandPink wrote: Wed Nov 23, 2022 6:29 pm But that's a DIY project. What could you buy that you could take home, would look nice in a room, in a retro way, and you could put records on and play them within a few minutes ?
Other TT's are available that are as good or better at that price though which do not need any DIY - most Lenco's I have heard (I have owned one for the last 30 years and had a few through the doors) always sound better when re-plinthed to my ears.

But, horses for courses I suppose
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And high mass splendid looking plinths ( like Ant's!) for Lencos.
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My interest in the discussion is that from time to time, someone I know at work says they're getting back into vinyl, and 'can i recommend a turntable'. Problem is that all the modern budget decks are belt-drive.
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