WTB: IRFP250 mosfets

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#1 WTB: IRFP250 mosfets

Post by iansr »

Anybody got a few of these sitting idle in a drawer by chance?
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#2 Re: WTB: IRFP250 mosfets

Post by ed »

I don't think it mentions whether they're in stock but I don't see why not, they're not unobtanium yet afaik:
https://wmelectronics.co.uk/all-transis ... istor.html

if you're not fussy I have a stack of 240s, I will check there may be some 250s on the shelf.
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#3 Re: WTB: IRFP250 mosfets

Post by Nick »

Yep, RS seems to have loads of them.
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