too old for this malarky

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#1 too old for this malarky

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I've just bought a new mid size refurb laptop to replace my ageing samsung nc10 netbook. Couldn't upgrade linux as the netbook is too old and linux distros are now restricted to 64bit...never mind!

so I bought a refurb lenovo I5 gen4 which had win10 pro installed.....all good except I loaded foobar and got it all connected to the nas and the damn thing buffers. Ironically it's the same vintage as the mem sahib's acer except mine has a later /faster cpu. The network speed reports much faster than hers and hers doesn't buffer. I've fiddled with the buffer sizes but it's still intermittent....I'm thinking win 10 will be a temp affair on the new laptop....never had any probs with the ancient netbook and parole.

anybody got any suggestions?

also I've just spent 3 days trying to load fedora onto Sebs gaming machine with a new ssd.....grrr, fianlly got it in after fighting manfully with anaconda(fedora installer).....resorted to manual install but the liveuser timed out in the middle while I was having a cup of tea...and when liveuser times out there's no way back in....waily waily...alls well etc but kids and computers are not my fave at the mo.
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Try Fideliser?
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