Getting rid of my NAS drive - sensible?

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#1 Getting rid of my NAS drive - sensible?

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Being the only person in the house now who listens to the music stored on the server, I was wonder whether I should retire the music server. I listen to music via an NUC on which I have Dalphile installed. What I was thinking was to put all the music on the server onto an SSD drive which I will install into the NUC. Getting new music onto the SSD drive will be slower as the NUC only has USB inputs, so an external usb cd drive. Other than backing up which is easy on the server, second mirror drive - what issues can people see?
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#2 Re: Getting rid of my NAS drive - sensible?

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Data is only as good as the last backup. Move the data to the nuk and use the NAS for all of your audio and PC backups
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