Millett LR + TP Opus + AMB α24 reboot

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#151 Re: Millett LR + TP Opus + AMB α24 reboot

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So I've decided to bring this thread largely to a close for now. I'd originally decided to combine the projects into one thread because I was working on them simultaneously, driven by this mad idea I had to integrate the power systems together.

As we know, that hasn't worked out exactly as I'd expected, and so there is no longer any interdependency between the various tasks ahead.

The phonostage originally had its own thread and I'm going to resurrect that one for further progress reports, given that I have gone back to my original plan to use AMB's power supply for it.

The AMB linestage is going to have its previous linear supplies restored, but one change I will make is to use Toroidy audio-grade transformers and raise the VA rating of the one supplying the linestage power supply from 15VA to 30VA. Other than that, it will be put back to how it was before, albeit with some 'belt and braces' improvements to the safety grounding. I'll post that onto this thread when it's done.

The DAC is on the back burner until I've completed work on the phono stage and linestage restoration, so I'll start a new thread on that when I get to it. I'm still pondering use of the SilentSwitcher, but I'm leaning towards making it a full width chassis with the linear power supplies that I bought from Ray at the time, and possibly an additional linear supply to power the music server with.
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