PURIFI PTT6.5X04-NFA01 - Group buy interest check

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#1 PURIFI PTT6.5X04-NFA01 - Group buy interest check

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Purifi drivers have generated a lot of interest since they first hit the market but can only be purchased through their official web pages and offer discounts for multi-purchase sales of the same driver. If we can find a third person for a group buy of a pair the above drivers that would give us the max discount price on offer bringing the unit cost down from DKK2,329.00 to DKK1,871.00. On current exchange rates this gives a saving of UKP53.54 per unit with a unit cost of UKP218.72. There would be shipping costs plus UK import duty and VAT to add to these figures.

The data sheet for the driver can be found here https://purifi-audio.com/ptt6-5x04-nfa-01/

Mark (aka IslandPink), myself and Scott are both quite intrigued by these drivers that have generated a lot of interest in the commercial and DIY speaker communities. The big advantage for us diy'ers to buy an unheard driver is that Scott has researched these and found there is a lot of supported actual measured data and very positive feedback of the drivers out there by noted builders that support the claims of PURIFI. This can give confidence in the performance of the drivers.

You can read more about these extraordinary drivers on Mark's Purifi-based-monitor - options thread https://www.audio-talk.co.uk/phpBB3/vie ... f=4&t=8152 Though I expect that those members who would be interested in a possible buy of these drivers are already followed Mark's project.

Scott and I will start a new thread of our own project when it gets underway.
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