f/s input switching box

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#1 f/s input switching box

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I've made a new one as I needed some more inputs and another fixed out for the reel to reel

solid oak frame with a walnut veneered top panel

ImageSwitching box by anthony cresswell, on Flickr

Lorlin switch, silver wired internally, and silver sockets

ImageSwitching box by anthony cresswell, on Flickr

3 inputs, one output, and an earth post. the post is not connected to the signal earth, its there as a connection point to link ground wires when i was using it to connect a couple of turntables to the same phono stage. I connected all 3 tt earths to that point and a wire from there to the phono stage.

I was then using for source input switching as i only have one input on the back of the pass b1

35 quid plus p&p

cheers ant
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