Few words about Rega Planar 1

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#1 Few words about Rega Planar 1

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Rega is a company that has been designing and manufacturing turntables since its establishment in 1973. Over 40 years of experience pays off. The British manufacturer is famous for its customer-appreciated models that are not replaced too often.

Rega Planar 1 was presented in July 2016. Both the current model and the previous ones are famous for their minimalist appearance. Here we will not experience unnecessary ornaments or superfluous elements. Thanks to this, the whole thing looks simple but stylish and elegant. A turntable is offered in two colors - black and white. Both versions are painted with a high gloss finish.

The turntable is driven by a 24V synchronous motor. This solution, adopted from more expensive designs, is designed to reduce vibrations and increase the precision of rotation. The Rega Planar 1 features a new tonearm. The RB110 design is equipped with automatic anti-scratching. This allows the user to set it up in seconds out of the box. Before listening, all you have to do is put the counterweight on and move it to the stop on the back of the tonearm.

Very interesting is the philosophy of the company concerning the design of the plinth. Rega is famous for making the plinths of its turntables from the lightest possible materials, which distinguishes it from most manufacturers. According to the manufacturer, heavy enclosures that absorb resonances also absorb part of the sound experience. It is difficult to judge which concept is right.

And what does the turntable have to offer during listening? First of all, the compactness of the sound and great dynamics. This can be felt already after a short listening session. The midrange plays a big role in the case of the Rega Planar 1 but is not overly emphasized. These are the main features that distinguish the sound of the Planar 1 from the delicacy offered by Pro-Ject.
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#2 Re: Few words about Rega Planar 1

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Other turntables are also available.
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