Nice MC SUT article by Dave Slagle

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#1 Nice MC SUT article by Dave Slagle

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#2 Re: Nice MC SUT article by Dave Slagle

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I have had a browse through the link, and fortunately/unfortunately I struggle with the Electronics Information.
A information that caught my attention was the reference to the origins of the SUT being related to Microphones.

In the late 90's - early 20's I was on a hunt for a Valve Phonostage, and most I was hearing were with an 'excessive bloom', that I did not enjoy, it was and still is to me a detractor and takes away the basic pleasure of listening to Vinyl.

In the same time zone, I was commencing with upgrading my Power Amps, and when with the Valve Engineer Theo, he introduced me to a Valve Phonostage he had in his possession that was being produced as a Bespoke Order for a Customer.
I believe I heard it having a few tweaks on board to satisfy the Customers requests ?
This Valve Input/Output Phonostage blew me away, it was very different in the presentation to others I had listened to.
On inquiry, Theo informed me it was his alteration to his design for Microphone Amp he had been producing for Studio's.
The impression this Phon' left was probably only surpassed by the Music First Reference, but these two auditions are very separated in Time, and the Music First was heard on a very high quality System.
Either way each model made for a very memorable experience, and egged me on to the place I am at with the Phon' I own today.
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#3 Re: Nice MC SUT article by Dave Slagle

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If I only had a spare $900, be straight on the blower to Dave.

Be fascinating to measure what mine actually does now. hmmm.....
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#4 Re: Nice MC SUT article by Dave Slagle

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Thanks Mark.
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