cpu upgrades

I think we all know by now what this section is for.
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#1 cpu upgrades

Post by ed »

I'm toying with the idea of upgrading one of my desktops and new cpus and mobos looks like a minefield...

current favourites are betwwen an I5 8400 with an H370 mobo or an AMD ryzon 3 2200g...the AMD is £100 cheaper that the intel but the intel is a goto for power so might be a bit more future proof....both options offer m2 storage ...I've never had an AMD cpu so this is new ground for me

anybody got any experience of these, or alternatives worth looking at?
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#2 Re: cpu upgrades

Post by Nick »

I gave up trying to keep current with processors some time ago, but I get the feeling that AMD are ahead of the price/performance curve especially for the desktop at the moment.
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