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#1 Classic TT Company

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Wondering about Garrardists take on this;

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And if anyone can throw any more light on it?

It looks like a mechanically brand new 301 built using a reconditioned motor. The top plate is machined from a solid piece of aluminium, the linkages, spindle, bearing and (oversize) platter are all new. £3000 which considering the work involved would appear pretty reasonable. There is a more expensive brass version with an even heavier platter. I'd be very interested to hear one - its a pretty expensive option compared to a used 401 and a full service.

I think it is connected somehow to the SMD company which make a variety of Garrard Plinths. Quite expensive I think £1700 for slate; Skeleton with damping on the posts.
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Looks good, and well made. I'd prefer it in black. ... -black-20/
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I have his prototype - the first one of these that he made back in 2012 or so, I think it was, mine still has the 301 motor but otherwise identical. Ray Clarke really knows his shit, and if you've got the cash it's worth going for - probably the last turntable you'll ever need - it's certainly the last one I'll ever need. The solid aluminium machined chassis plate makes quite a difference to performance.

Mine is in the SMD reference plinth with the solid brass platter and new grease bearing to handle the extra weight. The deck just disappears, leaving you with the music. Pain in the arse to move around though.
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