Chromecast issues

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#1 Chromecast issues

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Six months down the road and the Chromecast experience isn’t quite as shiny as it originally seemed. From the SQ point of view I still think it’s amazing for what it is, but I must have been a bit dissatisfied with it because I pushed the eBay button on a Beresford TC-7510, and now it’s a whole lot better. More organic, if you like.

What irks me is the usability of the thing. I’ve taken out subscriptions to Tidal and Idagio which are installed on my iPhone 7. I use FileBrowser to access my Jerry-built NAS which has about 400gb of assorted FLAC and MP3 stuff on it, and BBC iPlayer Radio.

The problem I have is that I don’t find any of those apps in the least bit user friendly. Firstly, they all continually revert back to the iPhone instead of the Chromecast, often on successive tracks, and by the time I’ve worked out how to switch back the track is half way through and the mood is broken.

Unless there’s a way to make everything permanently default to the Chromecast, I’m thinking that I need to find a device on which to run the apps to replace the Chromecast, which can be controlled remotely from the iPhone. Would a raspberry pi do that, and if so can it feed directly to the Beresford?

Ideas please....
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