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Paul Barker
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#1 Moderator for Sale

Post by Paul Barker »

I had to laugh. Joined an Airgun forum and had to look twice. A moderator in that world isnt juts someone who manages a forum. In here we dont know how lucky we are. My gas fitters forum the mods are doing a terrible job. I posted this there but no doubt it iwll be down rapidly.

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steve s
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#2 Re: Moderator for Sale

Post by steve s »

Air guns Paul, I have a few vintage air rifles, I set a target up in the garden as I'm not I to killing anything.
It's a nice way to pass an hour or two
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#3 Re: Moderator for Sale

Post by jack »

"Moderators" used to be known as "Silencers", but as they reduce or moderate the report, not silence it, they're called "moderators" now.

I don't do air rifle, but I've had a full firearms certificate (FAC) since I was about 14 - the FAC records both what you are permitted to own (numbers and types of firearms and associated ammunition) and what you actually own, both in terms of guns (with serial numbers) & ammunition (types and quantity of each). FACs are hard to get hold of and if you have one, you are subject to regular inspection.

Moderators require their own permission, i.e. to own one for use with a firearm, you have to have prior explicit permission from the police and it has it's only entry on the FAC - a separate entry for each calibre.

It's worth mentioning that if using a moderator, you should use sub-sonic ammunition as (obvious when you think about it), supersonic ammunition creates a shock wave, so suppressing the initial "bang" doesn't help as the "crack" from the bullet's shock wave rather makes the moderator pointless.

The main reason for having a moderator is vermin control - if you are clearing a field of bunnies, without a moderator and sub-sonic ammo, after the first shot all the other rabbits just sod off.

With a moderator & the right ammo, you just sit there picking them off and the other rabbits just don't notice.

Before anyone asks, I really really don't like killing things - we have a "if you kill it, you eat it" policy in our house (unless it was a humane kill of a diseased animal, e.g. a rabbit with myxomatosis or hemorrhagic virus). So I & my sons (who have their own FACs) just take the occasional bunny for the pot.
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