Grease bearings

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#1 Grease bearings

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Hi guys,

As you may expect I receive a lot of Garrard related questions via email, and thus give out a fair few replies.
Thinking this may add useful content to this section I will post some of the more advanced Q&A's here for whom may be interested to benefit from.

If there are any objections to this please say and I will re-consider the situation.

Here's one from today.


I have a cream 301 with grease bearing. Unfortunately, the unit is noisy when it runs. I found that the motor sleeve bearings are worn out and need replacement. Also, when I gor my "just serviced" unit, the bearing seemed a bit loose. I repacked the bearing with grease and it "seems" to be fine. (Sadly, I previously sold a silver grease 301 in perfect condition.)

What will it cost to have the unit serviced by you? I am in Toronto, Canada, so shipping is a bit of an issue. I could just send you the motor, main bearing and idler assembly. The service may be more money than what I paid for this 301.





Hi Tony,

On the grease bearing the tolerances are indeed larger than the later oil variety. You will need to constantly "top up" the inner section with grease by filling the cap reservoir and giving it a half turn every so often as needed. To do this you will need to remove the platter where you will find a hole in the chassis top plate. Using your index finger you should be able to reach the bearing cap and turn it inwards.

The reality is, and this is just my opinion, grease bearings are a pain, offering nothing at all over an oil bearing with superior replacement sleeves. Early oil bearings had the same sloppy bearing sleeves as the original Grease bearings and where a disaster. Later oil bearings had better tolerances but still not up to what we can provide today.

We could replace your bearings allowing you to use oil in the future.

Not sure about your motor bearings being worn, that is unlikely, more probably they need proper servicing, ie stripping cleaning and re-lubricating. We could of course do this for you.

You are welcome to just send the relevant parts and we will price the work carried out accordingly. It's difficult to give a quote until we can examine the parts and determine what exactly is required. Though the prices on our website should give you a good idea of what to expect.

I hope this reply proves to be helpful and please do not hesitate to contact us further if you feel we may be able to help.

Best regards
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