Samsung gets its arse handed to it on a plate

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floppybootstomp wrote:Btw, how did you do that? I was half way through making this post when my computer suffered a blue screen of death. Last time it done that was over six months ago. Clever.
Hmmm. Sorry, don't understand. I hope it's not your paranoia.
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Apple/Samsung Jurors Admit They Finished Quickly By Ignoring Prior Art & Other Key Factors: ... tors.shtml
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I thought this incomplete thread was due to be zapped into the ether?

Bye bye thread, bye bye happiness, bye bye thread I a think I'm a gonna die

Sorry, spontaneous burst of Phil & Don there with Mafia overtones.

Greg: It was meant to be a joke but it did actually happen, part way through writing my (probably) vitriolic post - kerboing! Big blue screen and back to the planet. And me? Paranoid? Of course, pass me that roche 50 of librium please Smithers...

Mo: Verrrry eenteresting... some I knew, some I didn't (assuming it's all true of course).

Maybe Samsung, after having had their bottom handed to them on a plate, could ask for a little relish to go with it from Apple.
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I was waiting for Steve to have the final word in his thread again but I guess he is done with it.
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