Looking for new Headphones =<100£ (150$~)

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TDB Jaster
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#1 Looking for new Headphones =<100£ (150$~)

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Hello there,
My old headphones (Gamecom Plantronics 367) just broke after about a year of usage and they vere amazing considering the price (25£ with postage), but now I need some new ones.
I have a budget of about 100£ in total, since I'm a student so money is hard to come by, and I need some Headphones and Earphones (I won't pay more than 10£ for the earphones)
So my question is, what should I get?
Here are my priorities in order:
#1 sound. If I can get some with better sound than the Gamecom ones I had, I will be in heaven.
#2 durability. I really want them to not.. you know.. break easily. I bring my headphones with me at almost all times, so they should be able to handle some wear and tear
#3 Value. Getting more for less is always nice, my old headphones were absolutely SUPERB value
#4 Size. I have a thing for massive headphones.. there's just something so amazing about big headphones
#5 Microphone. My old headphones had a microphone because I used to be a gamer, but since I moved I don't have anything to play on, so this is a very low priority and just a convenience.

My main genre is Metalcore (I've heard something about headphones can be better for different genres) and bass is my fetish.

Here's some I've been looking at (quite a few, actually) and if suggestions could be from iheadphones, that would just be awesome, because I've used them before and they have free delivery. (again this is just a convenience)

Sennheiser HD 465
Sennheiser HD 205
Sennheiser HD 215
Panasonic RP-HT22E
Aerial7 TANK
AKG K512
BeyerDynamic DTX710
Cresyn C720H
Kitsound DJ Headphones
Panasonic RP-HTF600

I realize that some of it is faaaar lower range than others, but I am not particular experienced in this field.
Please, I need my music and 100£ is a lot of money to me, I need to know how I get the most of the money.
Thank you in advance, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated and much obliged.

PS: Love the forum, reminds me of my old moderating days :) although the rule about URLs kind f*cked up my post a bit :P
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Post by chris661 »

They sound great (better than their price tag would suggest), but might not be what you're after in the end.

http://www.amazon.co.uk/Sony-MDR-ED21LP ... 606&sr=8-1

I use these when it comes to headphone monitoring in a band situation:

http://www.amazon.co.uk/Sony-MDRXD100-H ... 660&sr=1-8

They're not the loudest, but bass is sufficient. No microphone, but they sound rather good.

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Post by TDB Jaster »

As for the earphones you posted, I may actually end up with them, as they sound pretty decent, but I'm looking for something a bit more 'high-end' in the headphones category - I'm a bit picky with my sound (as shown by my 100£ budget - a month of no lunch in my situation :P )
Thanks for the reply, though!! :)
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Post by Toppsy »

If ity's high end headphones on a budget then you can't get better than a second hand pair of STAX electrostatics

Try bidding on these: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/STAX-vintage- ... 1e679a7493
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Post by TDB Jaster »

Yes, I've heard about STAX, but I don't think I would want to bet, as I like to do extensive research on my purchases before buying and there's only 1 day left, which I doubt is even enough for me to transfer money to paypal so I even CAN bet (my credit card always takes about 5 days to transfer, for some stupid reason) :P
Cheers, though, this is a very nice offer o.o

when I said 'more high-end' I didn't mean tip of the mountain xD I just meant higher end than a 10-20£ pair :)
I've been looking at a few in particular; Cresyn C720H, SennHeiser HD 518, beyerdynamic DT 440, Lindy Premium Hi-fi Headphones and SennHeiser HD558. they're all pretty strong as far as I can see, and I think I'd just go for C720H immediately if it wasn't for the fact that TrustedReviews said that they strongly suggest home-use only.
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