nuclear CS4398 digital-analog conversion heart devices

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#1 nuclear CS4398 digital-analog conversion heart devices

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Reminds me of when I was looking for a single ended valve amp design, tried translating some of Triode Dick's projects from Dutch using Babelfish. Couldn't make much sense of the text, lot of talk about "failing barges" :lol:
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You can have a lot of fun (when boredom levels are extreme) messing with online translation services.

Try for laughs.

See - Cirrus Logic CS4398-D3 project working with nuclear weapons, the analog and digital conversion of the heart, used for the care of disadvantaged groups the opportunity to work in harmony with the structural change of the structure, and improve

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I always remember a story of my Dad's involving human rather than computer translators. He used the phrase "out of sight, out of mind" in a piece that had to be translated into Japanese. When later it was translated back to English, it became "invisible idiot".
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Any system that essentially relies on transliteration fails dismally when confronted with the vernacular.

Years ago I worked in France on an IT project - I used the phrase "On your bike".

Its didn't translate - "what eeez zis? Sur votre bicyclette? Pourquoi? Urn Yer Bike?"

Google Translate is a heuristic system that learns from human-translated text, specifically those "identical" texts produced by the UN in multiple languages.

As someone who has lived & worked abroad for a fair chunk of their working life, and is still useless at foreign languages (though married to a linguist), Google Translate is a God-send...

I blame my lack of foreign languages on a) ineptitude, and b) on working mainly in technology fields where the only common language everyone has is English, which is thus the de facto lingua franca.
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Wasn't there a Chinese 845 amp that was described as a fishbladder?
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