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#1 quick question (possibly)

Post by cressy »

quick question, ive 2 options with my 401 at the moment, with the house move imminent ive been told i need to pare down the equipment i have. in truth there is alot of it and most isnt used.

the 401 looks like it'll sadly (for me) be up for sale shortly but before any decision is made on its future, i was wondering if its worth 'doing up'.

mechanically its pretty sorted but cosmetically its abit of a shambles. the motor could do with a strip and relube which i'll do either way when the time is available. but its the cosmetics that bother. i'd like to get the good money for it if i have to sell so id like opinions on the way to go.

is it worth completely stripping it down and rebuilding it, respraying the main chassis and putting it in a ply plinth or suchlike, or am i not likely to see a return on my investment of time.

if i was to respray is it worth trying to match the colour, or again is it not likely to add any value. id do it gloss black if this was not detrimental to the value.

i know these are pretty open questions, but id rather have an opinion other than mine if it does end up up for sale.

cheers for any input
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Post by pre65 »

Keep it !

If you sell, one day you will wish you hadn't, and then they will be SO expensive you won't be able to buy another.

Think of it as an investment. :wink:
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Post by colin.hepburn »

Ha Well
If I were in the market for a 401 and was told it had been resprayed from a private seller I would cut and run as this would de value the turntable in my opinion
In my view if you want top dollar for it I would just get any new parts that’s required and let the buyer fit the parts them self
Just me view of course :)
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Post by Greg »

Yep, in the circumstances, if it's cosmetically poor, selling will realise a low value. People like perfect originality. If it has the good original function, as Phil suggests, I'd keep it and use it at some time in the future. If you want to paint it for your own use then that's fine but resale value will be reduced unless you paint to seriously replicate the original.

I have a scruffy mechanically sound 401. I also have a good looking original. I keep the scruffy one for spares, just in case I need them.
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Post by Bizzie »

Even cosmetically pour 401's seem to fetch quite a lot now but having said that I resprayed mine after taking it to a local car paint supplier and matching it (it is a Subaru colour) they mixed it and added a small amount of laquer to the paint so it went on not too flat and not too shiny, you need an etch primer first though.
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