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#1 Swine Flu

Post by DaveK »

A friend of ours, earlier in the week, thought that he might have Swine Flu so he rang the NHS Swine Flu hotline - all he got was cracklin' !!

Think about it !! :lol:
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Post by shane »

We have one of their call centres near here. The local paper recently reported that one of their advisors had been fired for being off sick.

With swine flu...

Must have been a slow news day.
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Post by pre65 »

The General Medical Council have issued a statement that an elderly (ish :wink: ) man from North Essex (nearly Suffolk) is suspected of contracting swine flu, or possibly even worse - man flu.

Further bulletins will be issued later.

Local Police are patrolling to control the assembled crowd of well wishers particularly the North Essex and Suffolk ladies almost virgins society.
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