SME and Garrard

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#1 SME and Garrard

Post by Nick »

So that's why they bought the name from Terry...

Maybe I should put the price of the power supply up and do a matching RAL case colour.

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#2 Re: SME and Garrard

Post by simon »

Holy ffff....flippin heck. c£50k. It's not clear but looks to be a completely new "301" rather than an original in a fancy plinth?

Please don't put the price of the power supply up for a while - I can't save up fast enough!
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#3 Re: SME and Garrard

Post by Morgan Jones »

There was a review in HFN+RR this month. It has to be read carefully, but it appears that what you would be buying is an old 301 that has been refurbished and prettified by SME. And the platter is machined to, "an accuracy of one thousandth of an inch". Oh, wow. Even on my ex-school Bantam I can machine to within 10um (quarter thou) on a good day, using traditional tools, no fancy DRO.
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