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Ray P
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Bravo, Delta, Tango, Bravo
Sorry, I couldn't resist!
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Dave the bass
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Thanks all.

I've started off with a 4w (phwooooaaaarrrr!) Chinese dual band handheld (walkie talkie in old money) and made my 1st contacts today across SE London. £17 from Ali Express, awesome.

The mag-mount for the car roof antenna cost just over the price of the radio! Sitting on top of Shooters Hill in SE London in a car with a roof mounted antenna means 4w can cover a reasonable distance. 'Height is might'.

I've started building a 2m (145MHz) dipole antenna down the shed for home use, see what I mean about parallels with DIY audio? :)
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andrew Ivimey
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I spect you listen to the same old rubbish on the 2mm wavebands- mayaswell have black sabbath at 78rpm!
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Mike H
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Congrats Dave, well done.

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