The Quackery Thread

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Only the Sith deal in absolutes.
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Russ also does Zapperaters with bananas!!!!!

I'll say so.
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Just shows what can be done with a huge R & D budget and a fertile mind. :lol:
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Has the world really gone mad? A 13 amp fuse for hifi use costing £4200.00! Yes you did not misread the price. Must be made of unobtainium the rarest of all metals.
Are there so gullible a folk out there that will pay this sort of money for a fuse and expect it to transform the sound of their hifi gear? ... gI6zfD_BwE

To quote from the blurb:
Future Shop are very excited to introduce Quantum Science Audio, the undisputed heavyweights in the audiophile fuse space. With more than 22 years of research into what they call 'Bottle Neck Distortion', QSA products can enhance your enjoyment of your system in a way that is remarkable for such a small component, until recently considered irrelevant by many in the industry. The Silver fuse is the pinnacle of our current offering from QSA. At the very top of the range, we believe that it can deliver upgrades to your sonic experience that can match far more expensive cables and equipment.
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Toppsy wrote: Mon Jul 03, 2023 9:38 am Has the world really gone mad?
I had to check the calendar - nope, it's still July 3rd...
Sorry, I couldn't resist!
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That's the kind of marketing that we need at our place !
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Is this the right thread for this product? Maybe. Maybe not. ... op-article
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jack wrote: Tue Jul 11, 2023 8:09 am If this the right thread for this product? Maybe. Maybe not. ... op-article
Probably not (as you alluded to). The 60k version is no more or less Quackery than the original 3k (or whatever) one. They are just making use of their brand attraction and adding extra magic from Ives. Its back to the Ferrari model, as long as you make one less of a thing than there are people wanting to buy it, then you can charge just about whatever you like.
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