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#1 web domain names

Post by ed »

I have had a web domain registered with freeparking for nearly 25 years. In fact I have 2 domains with them at the moment. In late 2022 freeparking changed it’s name to namesco.co. Every year my 12 monthly renewal has increased but this year seemed a bit excessive. I have just renewed Sandrine’s domain and was charged at £22.79 for 12 months inc vat.

I looked around on the net, particularly here:

https://www.hostfind.co.uk/domain-regis ... pre-co-uk/

all .co.uk domains seem to be around the £10 mark for renewals and namesco.co seems to be £10.99. I am curious as to why they are charging me £22.79. I will query this with them tomorrow.

Has any body else got a .co.uk domain, and if so, how much do you pay???
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#2 Re: web domain names

Post by lindsayt »

In May 2023 I paid $14.58 for the annual renewal of each .com domain I have registered via them.

The pound being so weak against the US dollar makes a £10.99 renewal fee better value than what I'm paying.
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