More solid-state amps for sale

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#1 More solid-state amps for sale

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Hi all,

I've been clearing out the garage a bit, and have realised I have way more amplifiers than I actually need. Here are the ones I'd like to move along:

Behringer iNukes:
- 2x NU6000DSP - £300
- 1x NU6000 - £250
- 1x NU4-6000 - £300

- 1x Cloud VTX1200 - £150
- 1x Cloud CV1000. Rough condition, but works fine - £100

- 1x Crown DC300A. Reasonable condition, couple of screws missing. Converted to phono inputs. Make me an offer on that one.

- Behringer EP1500 with a silent fan fitted - £175

- Akai AM2250 in grey/black. Nice little amp. Volume control has a nice clicky feel as you turn it. £70. I'll throw in the AT2250 AM/FM tuner for an extra £30.

The Behringer iNukes would need silent fans for home use, but they put out plenty of clean power. The Nu4-6000 is the 4-channel version. If you run that bridged down to 2x channels, you get an NU6000.

The two Cloud amps are old workhorses, built in Sheffield. I think they're both class AB/H, and put out plenty of power. The VTX1200 is 270/425/600w/ch into 8/4/2ohm, both channels driven, and the older CV1000 puts out 285/500w/ch into 8/4ohm. Both will need silent fans fitting for home use.

The Crown DC300A isn't the one that's been to Owston, but it's of similar ilk. It's also DC-coupled. I seem to remember that they were originally developed as lab-grade power supplies, capable of full power from DC up to 10s of kHz. As a result, they happen to make excellent audio amplifiers. Care ought to be taken over the DC coupling, though - a small DC offset on the preamp outputs will be amplified.

If anyone would like photos, let me know.

I'm happy to give discounts if you buy more than one amp. Collection would be prefered so I can demonstrate that the amp works before you take it away, but I'm also happy to bring them to Owston later this year, or deliver for petrol costs.

All the best,
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#2 Re: More solid-state amps for sale

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chris661 wrote: Sat Mar 11, 2023 8:12 am - Akai AM2250 in grey/black. Nice little amp. Volume control has a nice clicky feel as you turn it. £70.
Chris, you have a PM.
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