Mini meet at Steve's on Monday

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I don't think I did steve sep amp justice with last night's comments

With the 5881 it sounded very good, to me it sounded extremely pinpoint sharp and clean. You could hear how clean it sounded, the work to the power supply had paid dividends

The kt66 was up next and quite a step up, but it surprised me by how much. the soundstage became much more 3d, and it sounded very musical. Impressed!

I was in the kitchen testing a few valves for simon when the vt75 where swapped in but walking into the room after a couple of tracks there was quite a step change from the kt66, more of everything that the kt66 had added, gone from 3d to a truely room filling sound, background detail and musicality all improved, that natural rhythmic flow..

I was impressed by the difference, the amp with the right valves was in 45/px4 territory

There was more of a difference between the same valves than we did the same thing quite a few years ago with Steve's push pull amp.

We tend to expect that level of performance with old triodes, but I thought steve had made a really great amplifier

It also highlights that it's not about directly heated vs indirect, it's about valve metaloligy, what the anodes and cathodes are made from is more important.

It's also a pity I didn't get to try simons phono stage.. next time

A great day, thanks guys
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Thanks for those observations Steve. :)
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