Much modified Wharfedale Denton

Dedicated to those large boxes at one end of the room
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#1 Much modified Wharfedale Denton

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On a whim, I bought a pair of early Denton's for £20 (too much!) Not sure quite what I had expected but although drivers were in good shape they sounded aweful - no bass and very 'nasely'. I liked the boxes though - so decided to install Seas 18w 8452 00's that I' purchased in '99 and been used in a TL until recently by my son- in- law. He no longer wanted them so they returned home. I tried them as a 2 way with my favorite tweeters, the Monacor DT25N - results were not particularly good and despite much fettling with the crossover and box stuffing- I gave up. Recently I decided to try again as a 3 way realising the boxes were probably too small to result in anything acceptable - but on we go. I picked up a pair of Faital mids on ebay for less than £20 and set about installing them - as the original cabinet mounting board had been severly hacked I decided to fit a new ply panel over it with a backing of automobile metal and tar based sound deadening sandwiched between - although very messy to do (clogging of saw blade with tar!) results were astounding! Try it if you haven't already. So, a small three way with 2 ports at the upper rear with exterior mounted crossover ( 6db bass xo 650Hz , Faital mid xo 12db at 5000Hz and Monacor tweeter really amazing results. So two things - tar/aluminium sound proof sandwiched layer on frontpanel between and Faifal 4"mid (mind you the Seas drivers have a good pedigree!) Try Faital if you haven't- recommended especially at the price!
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#2 Re: Much modified Wharfedale Denton

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I like Faital drivers a lot. I’ve used their 4in midrangers, the 6in mid-bass unit and the 10in mid bass FE200. With a good tweeter, they have all performed beautifully.
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#3 Re: Much modified Wharfedale Denton

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Yep, Faital Pro get a thumbs-up from me. I have the following:

- 10FH520 x2/side in the big main PA speakers
- 10HX230 in the small main speakers
- 18XL1800 - new subwoofers

Even when pushed towards (what should be) the ragged edge, they hold up well.

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#4 Re: Much modified Wharfedale Denton

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Mine are dovedales . They didn’t sound bad but I wanted them for the cabinets . Infinite baffle and solid with quality veneer . You can’t go wrong for the money .
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