Kann portable player as DAC

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#1 Kann portable player as DAC

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Hi. Newly here, and sorry it's a question rather than offering help.
So I have been playing around using my astell Kern Kann as a DAC.
Coming from pc (using jriver 28) via USB into the Kann, then out from the line out to my amp. All simple stuff
Now. I have got a dsd/dsf file on jriver 28 purely to try.
It plays fine through the speakers.
There is an option on the Kann that says.
DSD output format with 2 options
dsd input signals are converted into pcm signals
DSD input signals are converted into dop signals.

Which is the best to use
All these dsd dop pcm are a bit alien to me if I'm honest.

Will a good DAC not convert a dsd, or does it have to be to output.

Thanks all
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