DAC I/V stage - Xmas Project #4

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#1 DAC I/V stage - Xmas Project #4

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It was nice and quiet this morning so I tucked myself away and set about soldering up some I/V stages that I got via a DIY Audio group buy - it's a 'Simple Discrete Current-Mirror IV Converter, à la AD844'. The group buy organiser proved the PCBs and sets of matched transistors. Information on the circuit is here

There was a time when I would avoid smd soldering like the plague but I'm getting the hang of it mow - these boards are tiny (as you can see by the twenty pence piece) and the resistors are 0603 size. The job is not perfect with a few squiffy parts but overall I'm pleased with what I managed to do with hand soldering. These will go into an AD1862 (or AD1865) R2R DAC that I'm collecting parts for.


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#2 Re: DAC I/V stage - Xmas Project #4

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Very impressive soldering 8)
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