F/s jbe series 3 slate direct drive

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#1 F/s jbe series 3 slate direct drive

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its just not getting used.
It has been completely rebuilt, now has a set of 3 transfi height adjustable legs, has had an acrylic arm board replacing the original cutout which someone had butchered
Has had a new set of nitrile discs on the top of the platter pods
Only annoyance is that the plug connecting the control box to the motor needs a wiggle every now and then, and i never got round to replacing it, and there is a crack in the top of the control box
Includes the audio technica at1100 arm
Does not include the cart, thats staying here.
I may split the arm and deck if anyone is interested.
The arm has the correct original fingerlift and original cable, has a non original spacer between the cart and headshell which is 3mm acrylic, same thickness as the original one

400 for the arm only,
650 for the complete deck

No postage, ive had it smashed once before by parcelforce which is why the original feet arent there.

Quite happy to demo it

Cheers ant
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