Interesting Meters & 300B amp

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#1 Interesting Meters & 300B amp

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I was mooching around the Bartola website earlier looking for some documentation for the 4P1L preamp that I have many of the parts for - thinking it will be a good front end for a MoFo somewhere down the line. I found myself on Ale's 300B amp write-up, which some of you guys might find interesting, especially given his taste in old/obscure DHTs;

What also caught my eye was the reference to Pete Millett's meters, which look like interesting products, presenting modern technology in a pseudo valve package;

Anyway, just thought I would share the references in case they're of interest.
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#2 Re: Interesting Meters & 300B amp

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Thanks. I'd been reading that page recently too but hadn't picked out the meters
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