Connecting two DSP’s together.

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#1 Connecting two DSP’s together.

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After seeing positive benefit of FIR’s over IIR crossovers, from the simple LR crossovers I have built and tested, I now realise that unless I want to listen in mono, I need more FIR capability than the Nadja DSP preamp can offer. I bought a second Nadja board S/H just after Xmas as a sparewhen my existing one had a wobble.
This got me thinking, what I want to explore is running both one for the LH and one for the RH channel, so doubling my FIR capability.
The digital domain isn’t something I understand too well, as you will see from the rest of this post :?
I assume that the two devices need to be synchronised to each other. For the i2S signal I feed it withfor digital music, is it safe to assume that the master clock comes from the i2S, but for analogue that comes via the AD there will be no master clock. So do the boards need a common clock? On the Nadja board there is what I would describe as a crystal oscillator, do I need disconnect this off one of them and share the other between both, or am I over simplifying the task of running them together?
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#2 Re: Connecting two DSP’s together.

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I assume that the two devices need to be synchronised to each other.
Why? they will both be clocked by the incoming i2s and that will mean they work in synchrony. As long as the same filter kernel is running in each side the output should still be in step.
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