301. How much?

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#1 301. How much?

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A local newspaper has a classified ad's section in, I sometimes have a browse through and this week found an ad stating "Classic 301 TT with arm, not been used for sometime. Offers???"

So I phoned the number (mobile) and had a chat with a bloke. After a bit of schpeel he said "Make me an offer"... chancing it I said "Grease or oil bearing?", he instantly came back with "Oil" (indicating he's looked into it a bit) so I said "Tell me what you want for it, I can only say yes or no..." and he came back with £500. "Errr.. no thanks. Call me back if you can't sell it, I'll offer you between £150-£250 depending on condition and testing".

Did I do good? :) I wasn't looking for one but sometimes you gotta go with the flow ain'tcha.

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if it comes for that you've got a bargain, it got to be worth 300+

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