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#1 hardware monitor with logging

Posted: Sat Jun 26, 2021 9:09 am
by ed
I'm way out of touch here...
does anybody know of a windows platform hardware monitor with logging. There are many that I've found that just give a real time measure, but I can't find one that records a log at intervals. I'm particularly interested in volts and temperature at the mo.

The mem sahib's laptop has failed 4 times in the last week, each time in the middle of a skype session. The laptop just stops, no error screens, just stops. Only way out is to remove battery and reboot. There are no clues in any of the error logs, other than the restart after unexpected halt message.

the last time the machine stopped there was a buzzing sound(my guess was the fan) and it was hot. After battery removal/replacement it was fine after 2 mins...

Obvious suspect would be skype...not sure when the last update was...but I thought I'd rule out the hardware first before resorting to regress to a previous skype version.

there are a few reports of this on the web, most pointing to this occurring after microsoft took over......many half-arsed ideas, but nothing definitive...I'll pursue the hardware angle first and then move on to fiddling with skype.

#2 Re: hardware monitor with logging

Posted: Sat Jun 26, 2021 10:49 am
by pre65
Jeans laptop had similar (if not the same) symptoms, and I (we) thought it might have shut down by getting too hot.

I got a cheap device that lifts the base up (at an angle) to improve air flow and since then the problem has gone away. :)