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#1 Patrick Turner

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From Audio Asylum post by FR Drew on the ‘Tubes’ Asylum.

After many years of battling illness, Patrick Turner, the Canberra based valve/tube technician, builder and operator of (a wealth of educational info on in-depth valve theory) passed away this week.

Those of us that knew him personally, and those who had interactions with him online will know what a character he was, and how willing he was to share his knowledge and advice.

I'm still somewhat stunned by the news. I knew how ill he was and that the prognosis was not good, but Pat always came across as an unstoppable force of nature.

Somewhere out there, Pat is now lecturing the notables of the audio world with how they got things wrong and why they shouldn't have cut corners.

You are missed already and the world is poorer for your passing.

Godspeed and happy listening

Ironic that I’ve only recently used his writings, to help me with the creation of an SE output transformer out of a push-pull transformer, and the sound turned out to be marvellous.
Hopefully his work will get preserved.
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luckily I saved to ibooks all his transformer and choke sections. was expected. great loss.
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A really big loss - I learned a lot from his pages and he had a really interesting take on how to setup pentode power valves for optimum quality/efficiency...
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