Ronan R.I.P

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Dave the bass
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#1 Ronan R.I.P

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Bum. Sad news, RIP you establishment challenger and popular music changer.
"The fat bourgeois and his doppelganger"
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andrew Ivimey
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#2 Re: Ronan R.I.P

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Ah, now there's a chap for whom I had more than a sneaking regard!
Philosophers have only interpreted the world - the point, however, is to change it. No it isn't ... maybe we should leave it alone for a while.
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#3 Re: Ronan R.I.P

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Oh poo!
much sadness here as I was a big fan....

there will be wailing in the blockhead family I am guessing...loving awareness rules etc...
memory is a bit blurred but if i remember anywhere nearly correctly Ronan instigated the morphing of greatest show on earth into the loving awareness band for RNI and then the blockheads......
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