Our friend Nick Baker

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#16 Re: Our friend Nick Baker

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I’m truly devastated with Nick’s passing. He was a great friend and a really decent, genuine person who was always happy to help others whenever he could. As Greg said, he was a special part of our listening sessions and of our lives, he will be greatly missed. My thoughts are with Alison and all of his family at this sad time.

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Mike H
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#17 Re: Our friend Nick Baker

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Wow, I'm staggered. Incredible. Condolences to the family of course. :o
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#18 Re: Our friend Nick Baker

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Really shocking to read that Greg, please pass on my condolences as well. Recall chatting with you, Nick and Nigel at Owston, he was a funny guy and very approachable, a very sad loss.
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Sad news indeed, another "silent key" as the hams say. I saw Pepperoni and the rest of the "Bristol gang" at the last proper show I did with Nick, Dave and Ali before the pandemic hit :(

Best wishes to Nick's family.

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Ali Tait
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#20 Re: Our friend Nick Baker

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Yeah, Nick was one of the very few people with whom I felt an immediate connection the first time i met them. That continued the whole time I knew him. He was such a kind and warm person.

I know it’s a trite question, but why does it always seem to happen to the good people? 🙁
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#21 Re: Our friend Nick Baker

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Sorry to hear about Nick. Spent some lovely time with him at Owston. Condolences to you Greg and his family.
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I'm a bit late to this thread but remember Nick being very warm and friendly at a few of the Owstons I attended. Please pass my condolences on to his family
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#23 Re: Our friend Nick Baker

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Gutted to hear this, as has already been written he was such a nice bloke.

RIP fella. God bless.
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#24 Re: Our friend Nick Baker

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Whilst I didn't know him , my condolences to his family and friends. Life, you never know.
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#25 Re: Our friend Nick Baker

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To answer pre65’s question, post 11 and for anyone else who would like to contribute, a tribute page has been opened here.

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