PERSPEX QUASAR ver 2.0 prototype build

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#196 Re: PERSPEX QUASAR ver 2.0 prototype build

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Nick wrote: Fri Sep 10, 2021 10:08 am Useful info Mark. Basically my hope with these drivers is to work with them rather than trying to force them into submission. Time will tell.
In my mind you have summed getting the best out of any driver.
Too many people take the latter approach and as a result are not happy with what they end up achieving.
My experience is that a simple crossover is not an any easy thing, it takes alot of listening and measurement to get the best integration. And is near impossible without carefully matched drivers over the frequency range.
The tube manual is quite like a telephone book. The number of it perfect. It is useful to make it possible to speak with a girl. But we can't see her beautiful face from the telephone number
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