Lii Audio Fast 10 drive units anyone?

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#1 Lii Audio Fast 10 drive units anyone?

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As I've alluded to in my 13E1 amp thread, given the limited power of the amps (I'm assuming the 6C33C will come into this too) and the fact that the amp is giving a better overall sound with my 15ohm Lowthers, It makes sense for me to stick with my 15ohm Lowthers.

So, I'm looking to sell on the Lii Audio Fast 10 units that I purchased earlier this year. The units are new and unused other than a 5min test to check they were OK and to get an initial impression. I thought I would offer them here first, before listing them elsewhere.

There's infomation about the units in the thread I started;


and on the Lii Audio website.

I'm looking to recoup £300, or could be interested in a trade for some Lowther PM6A units.

Shipping and PayPal fees will be at cost.
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