Test gear - Scope & sig gen

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#1 Test gear - Scope & sig gen

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Continuing my clear out and de-clutter exercise. I'll leave these up for a week or two before putting them on the 'bay.

1) Tektronix 466 oscilloscope in full working condition with manual and a couple of (cheap) test probes - you may want to upgrade these. It also hasn't been calibrated for ages so that may be a wise move too. £120 and I'll probably bring it to you (UK mainland) because it's bulky, heavy and is going to be a nightmare to try and find a box for and pack!

2) Wavetek Model 131A signal / function generator, sine, square and triangle wave forms up to 2Mhz. I originally paid £100 for it, happy to accept £80 or nearest offer.
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