soldering temperature

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#1 soldering temperature

Post by ed »

odd question from me after all these years....

the 0.5mm tip on my antex cs18 finally gave out so I went to the box for a spare......I've got 6 spare bits in the box and none of them fit the what on earth did they fit! perplexed......

anyway I ordered a new bit(£5 for one bit!!!!) and meanwhile got out the rework station. I've never used the soldering iron on the rework station before and I had to set the temperature.....never thought about this before...

I ran it at 300 degrees for the soc chips I was soldering but I've got no reference temp to go by. It worked ok but I just thought I'd ask.

What temperature do you chaps solder at?
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#2 Re: soldering temperature

Post by Nick »

345C, higher than it should be but I find its better and I can get he joint done fast than with a lower temp.
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#3 Re: soldering temperature

Post by Ant »

I have a precision gold a55kj which you can preset 3 temps on, I have it set for 300 330 and 365, most of the time I use 365, apart from when doing op amps or replacing bits on ancient Philips cd players, which I used 300 for
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#4 Re: soldering temperature

Post by Ray P »

Like Nick, with my temperature controlled iron I tend to go to around 330-340C because it's fast!
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#5 Re: soldering temperature

Post by Ali Tait »

Yep I do the same.
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#6 Re: soldering temperature

Post by IslandPink »

It's getting boring now, but I use something around 325 to 350.
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#7 Re: soldering temperature

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