Custom toroids.

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#1 Custom toroids.

Post by pre65 »

I've been talking to a toroidal transformer manufacturer about an 800v 400va transformer.

They have suggested that, as it's for audio use, they wind it on a 500va core, which is OK.

Question is, the transformer I might have ordered from Antec (in USA) would have had 2 x 400v secondarys, so is that way any better (or worse) than 1 x 800v secondary ?

It would be used with a hybrid bridge so a centre tap would not be needed.
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#2 Re: Custom toroids.

Post by Nick »

I would check if the insulation of the windings is rated for using them in series.
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#3 Re: Custom toroids.

Post by Paul Barker »

“It would be used with a hybrid bridge so a centre tap would not be needed.”

If you used two 400 windings you have a centre tap.

The one you’re ordering you can ask for 800vct. (Centre tapped.)

Worth checking ratings and if you can’t find facts order you’re 800vct.
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