Hello everyone

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mf 1000
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Hello everyone

Post by mf 1000 » Mon May 16, 2016 8:22 pm

Evening all

came across a mention of your forum on hifi wigwam....The poster said you 'specialise' in home brew speakers, amps etc.

My setup is driven by a type 26 dht valve preamp (hand made but not by me - a bit beyond my humble talents, feeding a pair of tweaked 845 Mingda monoblocks with WE 845 valves.

My home built speakers are a pair of transmission line subs built around Cambridge R50 style cabs ( with twin B139 drivers per cab) , partnered with a pair of fostex back loaded full range horns and Fostex t90a supertweeters.

If there is still places available id love to come across to Owston on the Sunday to meet some of you and bring some kit over

Roksan Attessa dp2 (much modified) , trichord Pulsar DAC, type 26 dht two box preamp, mingda 845 Monoblocks, transmission line bass back loaded horn mids & Fostex horn supertweeters

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Mike H
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Re: Hello everyone

Post by Mike H » Mon May 16, 2016 10:00 pm

Greetings! Sunday tends to be a "quieter" day so can't see why not.
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steve s
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Re: Hello everyone

Post by steve s » Mon May 16, 2016 10:06 pm

It would be nice to see you keith, yes i posted on the wam about the meet a few weeks ago, if your definitely coming post on the owston meet thread and il'll add your name , the diy speakers are right up our street as are anything with a 26 in it.
The meet is all in one room and we take turns so every one listens to your kit for around 3 records, that gives everyone a chance and no one misses it , if your not bringing kit thats also fine, but the meets are about diy stuff on the whole, like a mini European triode festival.
Mike from The lakes was telling me your kit sounded good at a recent bake off. We are limited with spaces so dont hang about if your coming, the cost for the saturday is £10 to include a buffet, lunch tea and coffee and towards the room and a £5'r on sunday, but with no lunch.
Oh yes and welcome to the forum... Its alot quieter than the wam. But still some good stuff
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