Spice models... (and uTracer)

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Spice models... (and uTracer)

Post by jack » Mon Apr 27, 2015 2:14 pm

There is an add-on for uTracer called ExtractModel that creates physics-based SPICE models from the measured data - these models behave extremely closely to the physical examples rather than replicate theoretical behaviour as represented in the data sheets. The program was developed and written by Dr. Derk Reefman, a colleague of Ronald, who is "Head of Magnetics" (seriously scary kit) at Philips. The process creates the models from the characteristics of an example valve as measured by uTracer, i.e. it post-processes uTracer data files.

A LARGE LTspiceIV library of models (157 valves so far) already created is at http://www.dos4ever.com/uTracer3/TubeLib.inc - this is being continually updated. You just need LTspice to use these...

Documentation on the process and application can be found at http://www.dos4ever.com/uTracer3/uTracer3_pag14.html - lots of science & maths in there :)

Technical paper on the theory: http://www.dos4ever.com/uTracer3/Theory.pdf, specifically on how he addresses the weaknesses in Koren's models.

This has proved very useful for me as I'm chasing down less-fashionable tubes for audio use.

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