New Cartridge for XMAS

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Re: New Cartridge for XMAS

Post by mr.natural » Fri Nov 20, 2020 4:59 pm

Hello James,

Too good to be true -

That’s what I thought, but the comments on other vinyl playback asylums with the previous ‘tie wire’ version hinted that this
Will be a bargain. Now, that was only a few months ago, and they started to sell out swiftly on ebay etc. Between then and now
they change the design (confirmed by the seller).

Here’s what they said

Dear Ed,

Thanks for your inquiry about Kyowa Replacement Stylus VN-35E.
I spoke the maker about the issue of Tie Wire.
They said that their stylus previously had a Tie Wire as you mentioned.
However, the current product of stylus no longer have a Tie Wire because they improved
the stylus without Tie Wire. They put Swiss made damper inside of the brass holder which do function
of Tie Wire.
It means that Kyowa improved the Stylus without Tie Wire


With regard to the cantilever- yes it bent back into a central position when lifted off record. It was quite obvious and I haven’t
Had that happen on any of my previous cartridge setups.

I think I have heard that the Swiss VN35e version has problems with tracking also. They original Shure stylus has no problems
With tracking when used on the SME 3009 at around the usual 1.25g tracking force.

Best wishes, Ed

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