Gintaras (Sakenas) website

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Gintaras (Sakenas) website

Post by IslandPink » Fri Feb 22, 2019 6:12 pm

Gintaras Sakenas is selling again - now he has his own website :
I know a few of us bought regularly from him a few years ago on EBay, he a good guy and I'd like to help out & give him some support.
He just contacted me ( and presumably lots of others ) with the new details :

"Not sure if you remember me, you used to buy PIO capacitors
directly and through my ebay store a while ago.
I shipped the parts from Lithuania to you in United Kingdom.
I had to go off business in July 2017. Now I am back and
trying to set up an online store for electronic components
that I collected within the last few decades. I am moving the
warehouse and inspecting the inventory at the same time.
What I basically stock is ex-Soviet parts like tubes, capacitors,
switches, resistors, relays, ferrites and the like.
It will take a while before I am able to list everything but now that
I ran across a quantity of MBG, KBG, K40, K42 capacitors I placed some
that I stock on sale at my store:

Gintaras LY2KW"

Also a discount code for a couple of weeks :

"If you are going to post, you can also pass the 10% discount coupon
code that is valid through March 15. The code is RABBIT and it
provides a 10% discount off the basket value.

Thanks again"
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