FS: Edingdale Mk1 original floorstanders, cherry finish.

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FS: Edingdale Mk1 original floorstanders, cherry finish.

Post by gazjam » Fri Sep 27, 2019 10:24 am

Had these about 5 years from new, these are the original Mk 1 versions purchased directly from Colin Topps, the designer.
These speakers were designed with the input of many of you guys on here, so you know how good these speakers are.

They have a ribbon tweeter with an L-Pad which lets you dial in the treble to suit your room.
A rock solid, deep tight bass and room filling soundstage, the Eddingdales are very special sounding speakers.
Cost me £1500 new, commercial for this sound quality you'd be looking silly money.

In cherry finish, they sit on black spiked plinths.
In great condition, much loved and well looked after.
Some very minor small cracks in the the veneer from the wood settling over time, can't really be seen and actually add character to the wood!
Annoyingly, which just happened when I was moving the Eddie's out the listening room, theres a tiny ding in the veneer at the rear top lhs corner.
Again, cant really be seen unless your looking for it...and its at the top back corner of the speaker so can't be seen.

These are very big, heavy speakers so a nightmare to ship, so collection preferred from Near Glasgow.

I'm looking for £800 for these.

Thanks. ☺️

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