FS - RCF L18S800

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FS - RCF L18S800

Post by chris661 » Wed Nov 01, 2017 8:45 am

Anyone interested in a pair of these?

Older model, but very good in their day, 18" drivers from RCF. Not a lot of use to me as my main PA runs on 15"s, so these are sitting around.
They've been branded as Martin DS800 drivers. Very high sensitivity with a smooth rise past 1kHz. Could probably run as a 2-way with a good compression driver or full-range unit.

I have a pair, one of which definitely needs a recone since it's just trashed, and the other seems to work okay, but in the interest of keeping things matched I'd probably recommend it's also reconed.

I'm looking for £100 for them. Recones are around £150 each at Blue Aran. I'm happy to send them off to be done and then test them before posting to the buyer, in which case I'd ask for £100 plus the recone and postage costs, likely coming to a touch over £400 if both are being done.


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