FS: Linkwitz LX521 "kit"

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FS: Linkwitz LX521 "kit"

Post by iansr » Mon Jul 24, 2017 12:25 am

A little while ago I decided to build the LX521 speakers. If you are not familiar with these then google will bring up plenty of links and reviews from owners, many of whom say they are the best speakers they have ever heard. Anyway, I purchased all the drivers from Falcon Acoustics and had a local CNC shop laser cut all the necessary parts using Baltic Birch ply and Beech ply. (Beech ply is relatively rare and is considerably stronger / more rigid that Birch ply. It's also more expensive.) I also used a CLD approach on the mid range / tweeter baffles; these are made of a sandwich using plywood glued together with a visco-elastic glue similar to Green Glue.

My speaker journey went in another direction before I got round to building the LX521s and so I am now looking to sell all the drivers and the kit of wood parts. All that needs to be done is to glue /screw the parts together, finish the wood as you see fit and mount the drivers.

Falcon sells all the drivers as a package for £1142. Mine are still in their packaging and I'm asking £975. Re the plywood "kit", there's an outfit in Germany that sells a Birch ply kit (Google Magic LX521) for €951. I'm asking £500'. I also have for sale a miniDSP 10HD which is the recommended bit of kit for the crossover.

Let me know if you are interested or have any questions.
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